Sibirien wärmt!

Classical, Siberian woodhouse as a holiday home for rent

I offer a hundred years old Siberian woodhouse near Ulan-Ude as a holiday home. You find it in the town of Krasnojarowo, southwest of Ulan-Ude, offside the main road, at the foot of easily walkable mountains. Krasnojarowo is approximately 30 driving minutes away from the city centre. The town offers a little museum and a convenience store. Of course you are going to be picked up at the airport or the train station and brought to the house.

Alternatively to the tours, here you can really come to rest in natural surroundings, shut off your everyday stress and switch back at least two gears!

On the property there are multiple buildings, one being the mentioned woodhouse with a kitchen and living- and bedrooms. In the house there is an electric stove as well as a functioning, old wood stove, which can also be used to cook or bake. Furthermore, there is a Banja (Russian sauna), a covered veranda, new outside toilets, a draw well with fresh water and a additional guesthouse with sleep possibilities. All in all it offers enough space for up to six people.

If you wish, I can offer accompanied daytrips in German or English as well as horse ride tracking. The near surroundings offer a lot of interesting and historic Places and beautiful viewpoints. The biggest and most important Buddhist temple of Russia, Ivolginsk, is near sight.

Also, the house, respectively the courtyard, is a perfect place for yoga- and meditation in small groups.