Sibirien wärmt!

About me


Never stand still!

As a taught merchant, long-standing truck driver and now many years of experience as a mechanic, I always find new things that attract me to go beyond the horizon.

Wanderlust? Do you know the feeling? Pajechali - off we go!

Following my life motto “always learn new things – don’t fear what you don’t know!” I started my dream vacation to Siberia and Lake Baikal in 2005. I travelled through Ex-Yugoslavia, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan and the oriental Uzbekistan. From there I continued my travel to Kazakhstan, Kirgizia and through the mountains of Altai I reached Mongolia and finally Siberia and Lake Baikal. On my travel back, I covered most of Russia and visited the Baltic States and Poland, before I returned to Switzerland through Germany.

Back in Switzerland I worked as a truck mechanic, where I was assistant manager for workshop and mechanics for a renowned transport company in central Switzerland.

From Mars to May 2015 I drove the second lap of the hundred days Transa-Overland-Route through Africa for Globotrek/Transa ( > Transa-Overland-Route Africa). This lap led me from Nairobi in Kenya, over Ethiopia and Sudan to Kairo, the capitol of Egypt.

During those kind travels I gained a lot of insight. Be it in dealing with locals and travellers, just as well as the standard I want for my vehicle.

Siberia – it’s worth it. Again and again

My sympathies for todays Russia, respectively the former Soviet Union, awoke in my early childhood. In France and Italy, the holiday destinations of our family, I read many books of really distant regions. Back then, these mind travels already led to Siberia many times. So of course I wanted to travel there sometime! Since the first time being there, it always takes me back to those endless sweeps, fascinating landscapes and the warm-hearted people there.

Pajechali – Let’s go!