Sibirien wärmt!

Wherever you want, whenever you want

Travel dates

The travel vehicle including a German speaking guide is ready and waiting for you in the region of Lake Baikal/Buryatia.
Choose your wish date and I will try to meet your wishes! Here, like everywhere else, the rule applies: First come, first serve! With cumulating bookings, the desired dates may not be able to be considered completely.

Dates 2019

The travel vehicle is ready for you the whole year. Choose your date!

Travel routes

The travel routes as offered, show the possibilities. You can always book them as described. Naturally, we can plan duration, course or destination according to your wishes. Don’t hesitate to tell us your suggestions. We can plan a program together that will bring you exactly to where you wish. Let’s design a journey you will never forget!

I gladly offer the travel vehicle and myself as a guide to be a companion for your motorcycle tours, photo- and film excursions and productions as well as your hiking/biking vacations.