Sibirien wärmt!


Together with Moritz from Germany and his lovely wife Olga, I’m operating a new safe and fenced campsite in front of the gates of Ulan-Ude. We warmly welcome all bikers and motorcyclists, all car and truck drivers as well as all other globetrotters to stay at our Taiga Pitch Offroad Camp. We want to offer a place where like-minded people can meet, chat, talk about their adventures, exchange experiences and comfortably sit together and relax in a place that feels like home. The campsite is still under construction and not everything is built to desire yet, but we’re working on it diligently! There’s already a toilet, a shower, a washing machine and of course an authentic Russian banja! The only horizontal thing after a long day on the road...! Further, there are around 4’000 m2 of fenced terrain, electricity connections and main water supply. Now even an original Mongolian yurt is beautifying the place, to comfortably sit together on a hot or rainy day. In front of the yurt, there’s a big fireplace .But the most important thing is: Here you will , after appointing, get really good bread! One that really deserves the name bread. Freshly baked by Moritz and Olga. With our detailed local knowledge, our connections and know-how, the campsite is a place to regenerate for humans and machines. Are there any technical difficulties with your motorcycle or truck? Do you need food, clothes or anything else? We’ll guide you to our well trusted merchants and mechanics. Smaller reparations can be made at the campsite. Attention! NO tool rental! With enough time, there’s almost nothing we can’t manage.