Sibirien wärmt!

You want to travel a route you picked and compiled yourself? You want to visit your own desired destination?
You are a professional in the area of the Lake Baikal and Buryatia and need a vehicle and a reliable driver and guide?

Maybe you wish for a specific tour and you are interested in the early history of the area, Genghis Khan and the early Mongols?
Or maybe you are more interested in the recent history. The traces that communism has left upon this area, the buildings and monuments, special house facades and old industrials branches or the collective farms.

Do you have interests in migratory birds or medicinal plants? Do you find yourself interested in the exciting world of geology and geography of the area around the Lake Baikal?

We offer all sorts of individual and specific tours according to your personal needs and desires, independent of the duration and the places. The travel vehicle offers more than enough space for your equipment, and I will take you almost everywhere.

The camper also functions as a trace-vehicle for motorcycle tours, photo- and film excursions or production. I also gladly accompany you with my camper for hike- and bike vacations.