Sibirien wärmt!

Siberia... discover, experience – and enjoy!

Siberia – a word that covers frosting rejection as well as flaming enthusiasm. Some know the legendary region from hearsay, others have lived the experience.

The thing with the frost is just half the truth. The Siberian summer spoils us with pleasant or even hot temperatures and the endless landscapes carry you off to exciting horizons. The local population will welcome you with an overwhelming and warm-hearted hospitality.

Far away from the well-known, many stereotypes are blown away!

Siberia – the opposite is often true too.

Sure is: Siberia will not leave anyone cold! Siberians especially!

On the track of legends

Dive into the almost endless sweeps of the fascinating and fairly travelled region around the Lake Baikal. You’ll hardly find any tourist around here.
Make up your own picture! See what is behind the legends. Find out what rumours have a spark of truth in it.

Enjoy my blog!