Sibirien wärmt!


There are a lot of additional Services we can offer!

- Fresh, German Sour Dough Bread, 1kg or 1/2kg

- Russian Banja (sauna), by the hour for maximum 4 persons

- Help with reparations, possibly even work on it

- Provision of spare parts

- Car wash, big and small, nearby (it is notallowed on the campsite!)

- City guide in Ulan-Ude with German-or English-speaking guides

- Daytrips nearby

- Visit and guide in English or German through the famous Buddhist monastery Ivolginsk

- Russian and Buryat folklore night with the corresponding ambience

- Laundry Service

- Long-term parking space, wintering for all kind of vehicles

- Transfer drives to and from the train station or Airport

Of course all additional services come with a fee and are NOT free!